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What is the Unify Earth Meta-Platform?

Unify Earth has launched Blockchain 3.0 built on Unify Core, our substantial upgrade to blockchain technology, with new mining algorithms using our proprietary Adaptive Intelligent Mining™, a shard-based mining system that offers automated control over mining. It allows a variety of devices to mine effectively in the system and includes automatic optimization and anti-hacking technologies to ensure the performance and integrity of the blockchain. With our high-level harmonics algorithms, we ensure future-proof security, performance and energy savings will actually increase over time.

We Offer:

  • Blockchain 3.0 Meta-Platform
  • Adaptive Intelligent Mining™
  • HTML5 Rich Media Wallets with Advanced Features
  • UEX Coins
  • Custom Coins and Tokens
  • Instant Payment Options
  • Turn-Key ICO and ITO Launch Processes
  • Unify Earth Global Exchanges
  • Custom Exchanges
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Unlimited Sidechains
  • Intelligent Contracts
  • Middle Layer Services
  • Color-Coded Coins
  • Zone-Aware Services
  • ID Verification with Privacy
  • End-to-End Solution
  • Fast Project Protoyping


What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public ledger that records all transactions over peer-to-peer networks of computers across the globe. Transactions are processed in blocks by solving complex mathematical algorithms. When a minimum number of computers or nodes have reached consensus on the validity of the transactions, those transactions are then confirmed. It is an immutable, transparent record.

What is Blockchain 3.0?

The Unify Earth Blockchain 3.0 is enterprise-level technology that delivers value beyond merely transacting through cryptocurrencies. It also delivers the capacity to manage relationships between parties in non-monetary transactions. Managing contracts, agreements, leases, real estate deeds, trusts and even commercial letters of credit for trade exchange through self-executing intelligent contracts can deliver even greater value for the global community. It is the integration of disruptive technologies into one harmonious meta-platform that empowers and serves the interests of humanity.

Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ 

Unify Earth uses our own proprietary and game-changing Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ software, a patent-pending upgrade to the mining process. Its dynamic difficulty adjustment algorithm responds very well to sudden changes in hashing power and can make emergency or gradual adjustments to keep the blockchain secure. Our implementation of sharding re-targets block reward payouts, giving all devices from CPU/GPU miners to ASIC/FPGA miners, a fair and commensurate reward for whatever processing contribution they can offer. It also allows for low-power and low-heat hashing for fairness across all mining activities and doesn’t run down mobile device batteries.

What is Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Mining?

Mining is the process of confirming transactions – either via Proof-of-Work in which mathematical algorithms are solved and consensus is reached, or via Proof-of-Stake in which holders of minimum levels of a coin have the ability to validate transactions. Unify Earth Masternode owners can mine with Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake.

Unify Earth Wallet

The Unify Earth HTML5-based Wallet with two-factor authenticiation is fully capable of being programmed for e-commerce transactions, large value transactions as well as Fiat, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Real Goods transactions. Additionally, the Unify Earth Wallet has available features in the areas of SMS, RSS and IM. Equipped with game-changing features built in, it includes connectivity to contact managers, merchant detection, multiple accounts management, oversight and permissions, all in an environment that offers extensible plug-in APIs for the greater inclusion of third-party developers. Instant Payment options will also be available.


Unify Earth Global Exchanges will launch very soon in The Bahamas. Our exchanges will provide the ability to securely place most any asset on the Unify Earth Blockchain for trading, exchanging and monitoring, including cryptocurrencies, Forex, Fiat, real and intellectual property, and natural resources.
We also expect UEX to be listed on other major exchanges, which we will announce as those deals are finalized.

How Many UEX Coins Will Be Mined? How Many Are Pre-Mined?

There will be a cap of 15 billion UEX Coins, with 1.5 billion pre-mined.


How Do I Get a Unify Earth Wallet?

Unify Earth Wallets are HTML5-based and can be logged into from a standard browser on your computer or phone. Sign up for a wallet, or login to your wallet.

How Do I Send and Receive UEX Coins?

Your Unify Earth Wallet has send and receive features that allow you to move UEX Coins from one wallet to another.  Additional wallet features are coming soon!

To Send UEX Coins:

  1. You will need a Receive address from the wallet you are sending UEX Coins to. The owner of that wallet can create a Receive address and give that to you
  2. Input that address into the Destination Address field
  3. Enter the amount of UEX Coins you wish to send
  4. Click on the red Send button
  5. Double check the address you are sending to to be sure it is correct
  6. Confirm the transaction on the pop-up window and click on Send

To Receive UEX Coins:

  1. Optional – Add a Comment which will show up in your Transactions list when you receive UEX Coins so you know what the coins were for
  2. Optional – Include an amount of UEX Coins you are requesting
  3. Click on the red Create New Receive Address button
  4. To copy the address – click on the “Copy” image next to your address
  5. Give that address – via email, text or another way – to the person who will be sending UEX Coins to you

What Else Can I Send, Receive and Trade With My Unify Earth Wallet?

Additional features and options are coming to Unify Earth Wallets very soon, including: Support for other cryptocurrencies, FIAT currencies, Forex and Real Goods. Once we are listed on exchanges, including our own Unify Earth Exchanges, trading features will also be available.

How Do I Keep My Unify Earth Wallet Secure?

Your Unify Earth Wallet is password protected, so you will need to keep your password stored in a secure location. We also recommend using Two-Factor Authentication, which you will find as an option in your Unify Earth Wallet.

Are There Android or iOS Versions of the Unify Earth Wallet Available?

At this time, the Unify Earth Wallet is web-based and accessed from a browser. We may have app versions available in the future.


When Can I Buy UEX Coins?

At the moment, the only way to get UEX Coins is to download a wallet and get 10 free coins during our promotion period where we are giving away millions of UEX Coin rewards. UEX Coins will soon be listed on exchanges, including our own Unify Earth Global Exchanges, at which time you will be able to buy UEX Coins at market value.

What Are UEX Coins Worth?

At this time, UEX Coins have no declared value. When they are listed on exchanges, the market will determine the value.

Are You Going to Have an ICO?

We are not planning to do an ICO for UEX. Our platform does allow us to do ICOs and ITOs for other coins and tokens that are launched on our platform.

How Can I Mine UEX Coins?

As we launch, our UEX Coins are being mined by our Masternode owners. Once UEX is listed on exchanges, there will be additional mining opportunities available. The Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ system is designed to allow mining on everything from smartphones to dedicated mining computers by adjusting the mining difficulties depending on the device. This will allow everyone to participate in earning additional UEX Coins.


How Do I Contact Unify Earth?

Please fill out the Contact Us form on our home page at and the right team member will get back to you.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

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About Unify Earth

Unify Earth Network is a Bahamian-based technology company whose values encompass inclusion for all global citizens utilizing its decentralized Blockchain 3.0 Meta-Platform. Guided by and committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Unify Earth is leading with values first, delivering a future-proof platform that has been designed for the good of all humanity.